• See close-up images and text more clearly
  • See clearly over longer distances
  • Reduce glare & eye strain from computer screens or bright sunlight 
  • Enhances the ability to see details in low light (night-vision)


Since the advent of LED lighting in the home, office and mobile devices, declining vision throughout the world’s population has increased exponentially. Research scientists have revealed that LED lighting has been proven to scorch retinas, and is the single-most culprit at the root of global vision decline.

The popularity and addictive applications of mobile phones, and gaming keep consumers fixated on their devices for hours on end, while unsuspecting ocular nerves, cells and corresponding muscles weaken and degenerate.

There is another factor that adds further detriment to the modern eye. It is called ROS Toxins or Reactive Oxygenated Species, which is a damaging form of oxygen that invade the eyes as you get older, brutally attacking lens cells, making them increasingly stiff and inflexible with each passing day. It is the reason why as people age they need to get reading glasses or bifocals. ROS Toxins are found everywhere in the modern environment. They are found in plastics, household detergents, processed food, and most dangerously, in tap water. ROS Toxins also react aggressively to blue UV light that is emitted from the aforementioned LED lighting.

Vision Rx is packed with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that provide the body with two specific carotenoid nutrients called Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, that have been scientifically proven to dissolve ROS toxins, restore declining eyesight and regenerate healthy ocular nerves and cells.

These nutrients also help the eyes to remedy migraines, correct blurred vision, and reverse cataracts, glaucoma, and even blindness.

What’s in it?

African Marigold, Amaliki, Bilberry, Black Carrot, Eyebright, Ginkgo, Saffron

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