Competitive athletes subject their bodies to constant stress whether during training or in the midst of actual competition. Muscles are constantly pulled, stretched, or torn. Bones, joints and ligaments are under constant pressure and impacted by running, catching, throwing, tackling and jumping. Electrolyte loss is another factor often overlooked. For example, studies have shown that basketball players (from middle school up to the NBA) on average lose 2.0-4.5 L (67-152 fl. oz) of sweat over the course of a 2-hr practice and 1.0-4.6 L (33-155 fl. oz) during a game. Sweat is just not water. Sweating causes the loss of vital electrolytes potassium and sodium, and can also rapidly deplete glucose stores, which are required to provide the body energy.

All of these challenges can be overcome simply by the ingestion of correct nutrition. The problem is, most athletes have little to no knowledge of nutrition, and are usually advised or even coerced by their coaches to partake in the most unhealthy dietary practices. “Get your protein and carbs” is the customary cry from the touchlines, which often refers to drinking dairy protein shakes, and eating steaks, burgers and pastas. This creates a whole new problem, as athletes’ bodies quickly become a haven for toxins that inhibit the generation of necessary healthy cells and tissue to replenish damaged or fatigued muscles, bones and ligaments.

The Great Black Athlete Detox is an ethnogenetically formulated intermittent fasting detox designed specifically for active individuals, whether they are amateur or professional athletes, serious keep-fitters, or just individuals trying to get back into or maintain shape.


  • Increased muscle density
  • Increased muscle, ligament and tendon strength
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased muscle flexibility
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Increased performance
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased stamina & fitness
  • Increased focus
  • Decreased muscle recovery time
  • Decreased fat and body mass index (BMI)
  • Decreased injury recovery time
  • Decreased injury susceptibility

This Package Includes:

Olympian – Olympian is our flagship, all-natural supplement for male and female athletes, body-builders, and anyone who wishes to improve their physical performance. Olympians will help improve your body with strength, energy, endurance, and recovery time during and after workouts.

Osteo Rx – our all natural plant based supplement made to help your body fight osteoporosis without the awful side effects. Osteo-Rx contains a formulation of highly bioavailable nutrients essential to helping build and maintain strong, healthy bones and promoting skeletal strength.

Joint Rx – Joint Rx is the only natural plant-based supplement that reduces inflammation in your joints due to arthritis. This organic plant-based solution is made with the highest quality alfalfa leaf, olive leaf, and turmeric which combats the symptoms such as stiffness and soreness in muscles and joints due to Arthritis.

Lipo Rx – our most powerful and safe system of fat reduction, that helps your body to balance the hormones, peptides and enzymes to properly regulate and maintain a functional metabolism to keep you lean and full of energy.

The Great Black Athlete Detox Instructions & Meal Plan

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