• Gently detoxifies your digestive system of harmful organisms.
  • Rejuvenates your body by crushing the parasites sapping your energy.
  • Eliminates bloating and gas.
  • Helps soothe intestines.
  • Promotes a favorable environment for beneficial intestinal flora.
  • Supports optimal gut health and intestinal barrier function.
  • Helps maintain peak digestive function and nutrient absorption.



What is Para-Fite?

Parasite is a parasitic infection that arises from the intrusion of roundworms, tapeworms, protozoa, and flukes into the body. They enter via the mouth or the skin. They are found in contaminated soil, vegetables, meat, water, watercress, and feces. Symptoms include colicky pains, diarrhea, anemia, cardiac, insufficiency, nausea, perianal & perineal pruritis, weight loss, intestinal toxemia, colic, and cirrhosis.

Para-Fite is an all-natural supplement that supports a healthy functioning digestive system, by gently clearing the intestines and colon of harmful organisms. Para-Fite also works as an all-natural parasite cleanse that helps make your body an inhospitable environment for unwelcome intruders at all stages of life including Candida, Fungus, Parasitic worms, eggs, and waste.

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2oz., 4oz.