• Helps to stabilize inflammation.
  • Inhibits white blood cells from causing high levels of inflammation.
  • Helps to reduce flare-ups, joint pain, and fatigue.
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What is Lupugen?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues. In someone with lupus, the immune system becomes hyperactive and fails to recognize its own normal cells, causing white blood cells to attack. This can lead to painful inflammation throughout the body and vital organs. Some of the symptoms of Lupus can vary with individuals like fatigue, joint pain, rash, and fever. These symptoms can even begin to affect the health of your brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs.

The most common form of lupus is systemic lupus (SLE), however, there are several types of lupus. While some forms of lupus can be hereditary, some can also be triggered by many factors such as prescription medication, hormones, other toxins in our environment. Like many other diseases, lupus disproportionately affects certain demographics. Women are more likely to develop lupus than men, in fact, 90% of people with lupus are women. Minority groups like African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Pacifica Islanders are also more prone to developing lupus.  The effects of lupus can be life-threatening if they go untreated. Common treatment methods include anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation and immunosuppressants to reduce hyperactive immune systems, however, none of these are preventative solutions. 

Lupugen is an all-natural plant-based supplement specially formulated to help your body control levels of inflammation and fight against autoimmune disease. Lupegen works by regulating white blood cells, allowing the body to calm inflamed organs. The grapefruit, evening primrose, and Pinus pinaster herbs formulated in Lupugen will help prevent flare-ups, joint pains, fatigue, rashes, fever, and other symptoms of lupus. Take back control of lupus and take back control of your life with Lupugen.


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