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The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a small DNA virus that infects the skin or mucosal cells. It causes warts on the skin, and on or around the genitals. HPV is commonly transmitted through sexual activity; vaginal or anal sex are the most common transmission method.

In the United States, around 42.5% of non-institutionalized, civilian adults aged 18–59 years have HPV, which is approximately 80 million people. This represents about 1 in 4 adults, who are currently infected with HPV. 14 million new people become infected each year within the US, alone. HPV is a growing pandemic.

HPV is extremely dangerous compared to other STDs because, not only can some strains of the virus cause cancer, but it can be transmitted even when an infected person has no signs or symptoms. Anyone sexually active can get or transmit HPV, even if they have only had sex with one person. A person infected with HPV can develop symptoms several years after having sex with their originally infected sexual partner, which makes it hard to trace when they first became infected. This increases the risk of transmitting the virus.


HPV viruses are associated with epithelial lesions, which can negatively impact fertility. HPV infections are significantly associated with many adverse effects on female reproductive function. Studies also show that HPV infections harm sperm quality in men, and increase the levels of anti-sperm antibodies.

Black and Hispanic women have the highest instances of HPV related cervical cancer compared to all other races, and compared to white men, black men have higher rates of HPV related anal and rectal cancer.

Both black men and women are more likely to die from these diseases compared to their white counterparts

Dr. Amsu, of the Great Black Detox, has formulated this powerful all-natural plant-based supplement that provide all the essential nutrients to help your body prevent, reverse, and eradicate all types of HPV.


  • Eliminate HPV Virus
  • Eliminate Warts/Genital Warts
  • Prevent Cervical Cancer
  • Reduce Risk of Infertility/Sterility

What’s in HPV?

Astragalus, Coriander, Condurango, Jewelweed, Oregano, Black Walnut

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