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  • Blood Rx
  • Liver Rx
  • Essence
  • * Eliminate
  • The Fibroid Elimination Bible
  • 30 Day Transition Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Elimination Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Regeneration Meal Plan
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For fibroids 4cm or larger and/or more than 4 in number.

  • Bood-Rx 2oz. or 4oz.: An ancient and highly potent, concentrated Indigenous formula that helps build strong and healthy red blood cells and supports the circulatory system in eliminating all spores, parasites and pathogens from the bloodstream, and thus throughout the entire body.
  • Liver-Rx 2oz. or 4oz.: The most powerful autoimmune disease and liver disorder elimination supporter. Liver Rx assists the body in neutralizing culprit leukocytes and other white blood cells responsible for inflammation, tumors and cysts. This powerful formula supports the restoration of the liver’s primary functions: to filter and flush out all toxins from the blood, to assign minerals and nutrients through the bloodstream in order to regenerate and rejuvenate damaged cells, tissues and organs.
  • Essence 2oz. or 4oz.: The most powerful natural female hormone stabilizer on the planet, fortified with nutrients and minerals that support the body’s ability to inhibit harmful estrogens and reverse the growth of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. It also assists in amplifying libido, and destroying sexually transmitted pathogens.
  • Eliminate 2oz. or 4oz.: A one-of-a-kind supplement providing a powerful combination of nutrients that boosts the female body’s natural ability to efficiently dissolve large benign, and malignant tumors and growths from within and/or outside of the uterus. Eliminate, as with the other HerElimination Kit formulas, does not cause any adverse side-effects, but quickly goes to work supporting the natural elimination of tumorous and fibrous growths, whether benign or malignant. In other words, your body can actually stop and reverse even cancerous growths and restore optimal health.This dietary supplement is recommended for women with fibroids and cysts that exceed 3cm in diameter and/or 4 in number of growths.
  • The Fibroid Elimination Bible (E-Book): The “Authority” on understanding what Estrogen Dominance and Uterine Fibroids are, what causes them, and how to get rid of them permanently without invasive operations or surgical procedures.
  • The Electric Health 30 Day Transition Meal Plan: This meal plan has been designed specifically for anyone who has made a conscious decision or resolution to start eating totally healthy. It is a Class C diet, meaning it includes a combination of raw and cooked whole food vegetable recipes, as well as grains and fruits. There are 90 recipes which provide all the proteins and minerals necessary to achieve and maintain homeostasis (biochemical balance), while retaining correct weight and body mass index (BMI).
  • The Electric Health 30 Day Elimination Meal Plan: As the name suggests, is a strict dietary regimen to eradicate and eliminate any and all foreign pathogenic and toxic entities from the body. These include viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeasts and fungi. This is a 90% Class A meal plan, which means it contains a majority of raw fruit recipes. It is, like the other Electric Health Meal Plans, estrogen free, gluten free and GMO free. It is an anti-inflammatory meal plan which means it inhibits white blood cells and other immunoglobulins that are responsible for diseases such as diabetes, lupus, arthritis, thyroid disease, and high blood-pressure. This 90 recipe Meal Plan is an integral necessity in the elimination phases of ALL Electric Health elimination processes.
  • The Electric Health 30 Day Regeneration Meal Plan: This meal plan was designed specifically to rebuild the body after any of the Electric Health elimination phases. Its recipes are full of ingredients packed with body-building amino acids, proteins and minerals that also stimulate the endocrine glands responsible for growth and regeneration of organs and muscles that may have atrophied as a result of a disease or during its elimination. This 90 recipe Meal Plan can also be utilized as your diet for the rest of your life.

NOTE: The ebooks are available as a download in ZIP format upon purchase. Download the ZIP file and unzip the file with your app of choice and the ebooks will become accessible.

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