What is the Nutri-Revolution™?

Making life changes is always challenging. Our passion is to partner with you to maximize your potential to heal, grow, and achieve your best health. Our qualified and experienced coaches go above and beyond simply improving your dietary habits but look to the whole YOU. Most people eliminate or reverse disease, lose weight, and strengthen & increase vitality more effectively and quickly when they have authentic, caring, available support, accountability, and community to walk the journey with them.

Nutri-Revolution is a cutting-edge, evidence-based system of a natural lifestyle, diet, and supplementation programs guaranteed to help you attain or regain optimal health. Our personalized coaching programs are structured based on your desired endgame in contrast and conjunction with your current health status. We will determine your health status by collecting your health data, which includes –

  • Current medical report/diagnoses (if any)
  • Lifestyle forensic audit
  • Dietary audit
  • Blood Test Analysis

Nutri-Revolution consolidates all the available and up-to-date information from your lab test and medical literature to optimize your coaching plan.

Your coaching plan will include:

  • a custom list of restricted foods (to omit from your diet)
  • a custom meal-plan
  • a custom micronutrient-plan
  • a recommendation list of our proprietary herbal supplements

What are your goals?

  • To be fit and healthy, so I can enjoy a life with my children.
  • To have rich and healthy relationships with the people I love and work.
  • To gain or maintain my vigor, move without pain, increase energy, and ability to play the sports I love.
  • To reduce my addictions or bad habits to eating, smoking, or other substances.
  • Find or regain my life’s purpose.

We have expertise in a wide range of areas including:

The Nutri-Revolution Lab Decoder™

Evidence-based natural lifestyle, diet, and supplementation programs guaranteed to help you get back to your optimal health

To best achieve timely and ideal results, we include our periodic proprietary system of lab test analysis that provides us with an up-to-date snapshot of your vital health. Not only do we explain your lab results, but we also explain what the results mean to you. We recommend our natural options to improve your health and reach your endgame based on your marker results. Markers are single test indications such as hemoglobin, vitamin B12, or LDL cholesterol. We call them markers (biomarkers) because they indicate/mark the degree of health/pathology in our bodies. Each marker has a range in which it is considered “normal.” There are “flags” that can either be “low” or “high” in which the marker level falls outside the normal range. Your Nutri- Revolution plan will help your markers reach beyond the normal scope and meet the “optimal range” to achieve your goal.

Step One

Upload your lab results.

At Nutri-Revolution™ our nutrition coaches have seen well over 10.000 clients with complaints ranging from simple weight loss to complex chronic health problems.

We have found that our most successful clients take charge of their health by seeking understand what’s going on and taking action with Our recommended diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that are necessary for them to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Receive a personalized analysis report and our recommended protocol to optimize your levels.

Nutri-Revolution™ consolidates all the available and up-to-date information obtained from your lab test from medical literature, including information that may have become available years after your doctor graduated from medical school. Not only do we explain your lab results, but we also explain what the results mean to you. We then recommend our natural options to improve your health based on your marker results, which you can even implement in consultation with your doctor.

Step Two

Step Three

Implement the suggested protocol, track your levels, and experience, and enjoy your improved health.

Most people achieve their health goals when they sign up for one of our nutrition coach-led programs, which include: Supplements, personal and group sessions, detailed instruction, regular check-ins, motivation, accountability, and a clear nutrition roadmap.

You can also follow the instructional manuals and meal plans provided in each of our nutrition programs on your own.

Nutri-Revolution™ Consultation

From the moment our clients engage us, and invite us to assist in their healing journey, they become our family. Our mission is to serve our clients with the best nutritional care available, expanding client options, and partnering together to recommend, implement and support the most effective protocol.

What Are Your Main Goals?


  • Wildcrafted in our Atlanta facility
  • Ethically manufactured without alcohol, toxins, fillers, or additives
  • Nothing is outsourced or mass-produced


  • Proprietary – Not sourced from 3rd parties
  • Researched and developed by our expert herbalists and nutritionists
  • Specialty sourced from the finest growers around the world
  • Organic, vegan, non-chemical process, no alcohol


  • Millions of bottles sold
  • 10s of thousands of happy customers
  • Lives altered for ever
  • Miracle babies
  • Medications no longer needed
  • Surgeries avoided